Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LOMS Library

Dec 10th 2014 school librarian goes against the rules.As some of you may have known the library has been having a lot of rule changes how many kids can be in the library and how the kids get in,from having a list to sign in on in the morning to having a special key to get in.Well yesterday school Vice principal steps in a makes a rule of his own first come first serve where the first 60 kids can get in only if you have your school ID.Many people thought that the rule was not very good because some people did not have there ID many were upset because it was a rainy day and wanted to not get rain poured on them.
The morning of Dec 10th was very cold very cold this reporter enters the library with friends in an attempt to find somewhere warm to sit and talk,but this reporter forgot about the first come first serve rule and ID at home.This reporter walks up to the place where you show your ID to get and says “oh I forgot my ID” which is when school librarian picks up the ID rack and says “That was a stupid rule I don't know who came up with it” and then sets the rack under her desk which put an end to the library rules that were a hassle and kids are still able to come library with no ID.The librarians disapproval about the first come first serve rule leads many kids at the school to wonder if  she approved some of the other rules.She did say that there were too many kids in their library at lunch so the idea of limited amount of kids was hers but when school vice principal stepped in to make a rule many people agreed that it wasn't a very good one. so maybe we should leave the library stuff to the librarian.