Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is Studio Ghibli is saying goodbye?

 When the co-founder of Studio Ghibli  Hayao Miyazaki said that the demise of  Studio Ghibli was inevitable fans in both Japan and the U.S were shocked,sad,and, upset when they herd what we could have only assumed that Studio Ghibli was soon to close.The News that the big time animation house  Studio Ghibli the ones brought us My Neighbor Totoro,Howels Moving Castle,Spirited Away and many other beloved films was closing caused big time fans to freak out.Many people believed it was certain they were going to close because Ghibli is making less money than ever because  less people are  buying DVDs of Ghibli films.The use Internet is making it easier than ever for people to watch free versions of Ghibli films making it hard for people at Ghibli to make money.
Although with what Hayao Miyazaki said Studio Ghibli is not shuting down they will be closing for a short period of time for reconstructing and remodeling.So the beloved Studio Ghibli is not dead yet and not planing to anytime soon.

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